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I love u Kanye
February 12, 2009, 1:40 pm
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I’ve always been a fan of music in the workplace. Good music, fast music, just about any music…. except country. The best music, space out. The kind that you don’t actually have to listen to. The kind of music that envokes feelings you didn’t know you had or forgot about. Something that takes your mind off of the clickety clack of the keyboard and the hum of florescent lights. I’m prone to Massive Attack and Tricky, and most recently Kanye West and his latest saga of emotion. Poetic in the most depressing way.  I’m pretty sure I have been guilty of singing along without a voice thingy. I love it.

 So why the long rant on your love of Kanye? You ask…. Cause I don’t have any fucking speakers. They’re in a box and far from bringing me the pleasure that  I deserve. Oh how i hate moving. Did I actually hear myself bragging about my new “office”? Maybe. It’s bigger and it has a view, but still no door. The elusive office with a door I have yet to attain. And do i really want it. Do i want to be stuck in an office with a door for the rest of my life? Closing me into a career and keeping me locked out of my dreams. It’s a trap….RUN.

seems like streetlights glowing
happened to be just like moments
passing, in front of me so
i hopped in, the cab and
i paid my fair, see
i know my, destination
but im just not there (Kayne West, Streetlights)


Moving Day
February 11, 2009, 2:50 pm
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It’s moving day today. So we must pack up our tiny spaces and move them to new enclosed places. We took a tour of our new home away from home, and although it was newly painted a neutral shade of tan, the carpet was blue and slightly sparkly, and there were actual walls, it looks the same. And i felt the same. Trapped.

So now we are packing and everyone is franic, as if valuable information could be lost in the process of transitioning from one side of the building to the other. The delicate balance of actual work and play time is the only thing being interrupted for me. With so many big wigs in the area, checking our status, over our shoulders, fake smiling and making small talk, I haven’t had a chance to check MySpace, my bank account, or IM that cute guy in IT.