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May 7, 2008, 11:31 pm
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Why does it eat at me,

Why? Why do I feel the need so badly.

It’s persistent, as if life were about to end,

As if my only contribution could be________.

My only contribution hangs in the balance,

When I think about the pain, the struggles, the misunderstanding,

and undue influence, the mistreatment and sacrifice

That this one thing will carry forever.


Why does it eat at me?

I am a young women, not old, not past her time.

I still have a chance, many opportunities to try,

To become a better woman, mother , friend.

So why does it eat at me. It is not mine,

Not my longing that creates the need to conceive,

But something else.

Something that eats at me, and begs me–

When? When? WHEN?

When will you contribute me?